The Lean Software and Systems Consortium ( is proud to present Lean Software & Systems Conference 2011 (LSSC11) – featuring an outstanding lineup of speakers, open space sessions, networking and social events, May 3-6, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach, CA. Use this network to find and connect with people at the conference.


Janice Linden-Reed posted LSSC11 Videos

Members of the Lean Software and System Consortium can get full access to the LSSC11 videos, which are posted on the Limited WIP Society wiki. If you are a LeanSSC member and you do NOT have access to these LSSC11 videos, please email me at janice (at) If you are NOT a member of LeanSSC, you can still see the LSSC11 videos, one at a time, as they are rotated on the Limited WIP Society wiki website.

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Janice Linden-Reed posted Looking for LSSC11 videos?

Videos from the Lean Software and Systems Conference 2011 sessions are currently in production. Look for the first videos to be available to members of the Lean Software and Systems Consortium in mid-June. Some videos will also be made available for viewing to the general public, on a rotating basis. Join the Lean Software and Systems Consortium to get the best selection of session videos:

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The presentation used by David J. Anderson at the LSSC 11 Conference to announce the nominees for the 2011 Brickell Key Award.  Videos are embedded in the file below -- download and enjoy! LSSC11_BrickellKeyNominees.pps Download this file The file is a PowerPoint "Show" -- you will need PowerPoint 97 (PC), 98 (Mac), or higher to view. Award Nominees: Siddharta Govindaraj, Russell Healy, Chris Hefley, Richard Hensley, Mattias Skarin, and Yuval ... [read more]

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Carol Dekkers posted Post LSSC11 feedback...

It was great to meet so many new friends in Long Beach, CA last week! Congratulations go out to so many people from LSSC11: - All the organizers especially Conference Chair David Anderson who assembled an amazing array of top notch speakers and contributors! - All the Brickell Key award nominees and the winners Russell Healy (of Christchurch, NZ) and Richard Hensley (of Denver, USA). - Community Service Award winners Alan Chedalawada and Janice L... [read more]

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John Goodsen posted Tools Showcase

The Tools Showcase has been rescheduled to Friday. Commercial and Open-Source tools will be presenting lightning talk style presentations on Friday. This will happen twice. Once from 10:30 - Noon and a second time from 1:30-3:00 in the Shoreline room downstairs. Will also try to schedule an open space session on Friday for a Voice of the Customer (VOC) session. Come see what the latest Kanban tool vendors have to offer and let them know what you ... [read more]

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Gerry Kirk posted Getting to/from LAX

Hotel recommends taking Super Shuttle, $17 one way. They run every 15 min, just outside baggage area. No need to book in advance.

Ebenezer Ikonne: Now that's just the info I needed. Thanks.

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David J. Anderson posted Driver needed

Anyone local to SoCal available mid-afternoon Sunday to drive me around Long Beach on some errands? Txt my cell 206.265.2163 if you can help! Thanks. David [Conference Chairman]

David J. Anderson: I have this under control. Catherine Augustin has volunteered to help.

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Don Reinertsen posted LPD Track

Just a little info for LSSC attendees about the LPD track. I specifically chose speakers and aspects of LPD that the software community is less familiar with. I've got Cisco Systems to show you how someone who really understands advanced flow control concepts differs from traditional TPS thinking. Procter & Gamble will show you how complex technical choices can be managed in a marketing-dominated organization. Goodyear will also show you how real... [read more]

Yuval Yeret: sounds exciting, can't wait.

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Jason Montague posted Are there 2 hotels??

I registered at the Hyatt. Presumably this is where the conference is being held. It now says the rooms are for the Avia. Is this because the Hyatt is out of available rooms?

Carol Dekkers: Jason, Yes, there are two hotels providing accommodation for LSSC11 attendees. The Avia kindly stepped up when the Hyatt sold out weeks ago. (See the posting by Janice Linden-Reed in the discussion thread below on April 12 for further information.) S... [read more]

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I just published: "Technology at the Speed of Sound - Catch up at Light Speed at LSSC11" that may be of interest if you are not already registered for LSSC! Read more here: Hope to see you in Long Beach! Regards, Carol

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Janice Linden-Reed posted Booking your hotel room

If you are arriving to LSSC11 early enough to need a room for Monday, May 2nd, please book at the AVIA hotel ( for that one night. The Hyatt no longer has rooms available for May 2nd ONLY. Reservations are still being accepted at the Hyatt Long Beach with arrival starting May 3rd. Through the LSSC11 website ( you can book, modify or cancel your hotel reservations at any tim... [read more]

Kelly Wilson: UPDATE: Avia has provided LeanSSC with a reduced room rate if you book your room via our block. If you are arriving on or before May 2nd. That link is:
Kelly Wilson: Update: The Hyatt Long Beach is officially sold out from May 1-5. All additional reservations will need to be made at the Avia Long Beach. See previous post for link.
Janice Linden-Reed: Also, the BOOK A ROOM button will take you to the Avia reservations!

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IEEE Kanban case study published "The evidence shows that over the 12-month period, lead time to deliver software improved by 37%, consistency of delivery rose by 47%, and defects reported by customers fell 24%" "I believe it will be one of the most significant papers in Software Engineering this decade." David Anderson

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If you are excited about attending or promoting LSSC11 - print out the attached flyer and post it on your bulletin board at work, hand it out to colleagues, and distribute it to friends and countrymen! Create buzz in your circle of friends about the conference AND be the envy of your office! Tweet, forward, LinkIn, and otherwise promote #LSSC11 and see what happens! See you in Long Beach! Carol

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If you are excited about attending or promoting LSSC11 - print out the attached flyer and post it on your bulletin board at work, hand it out to colleagues, and distribute it to friends and countrymen! Create buzz in your circle of friends about the conference AND be the envy of your office! Tweet, forward, LinkIn, and otherwise promote #LSSC11 and see what happens! See you in Long Beach! Carol

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Did you sign up for a tutorial yet at the Lean Software and Systems Conference 2011 in Long Beach, CA? If not, why not? Perhaps you didn't know about the leading-edge tutorials being offered at cost-effective prices that deliver value over and above the price of admission.  Here is a glimpse of what tutorial offerings are featured the day before LSSC11 begins (all tutorials run on May 3, 2011): Normal 0 false false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NON... [read more]

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Carol Dekkers posted Poster / Promo for #LSSC11!

It would be great if you could print out and post the attached flyer on your corporate bulletin board or somewhere prominent... This flyer will be distributed at SEPG (Software Engineering Process Group) conference this week in Portland OR. Join in the promotion and see you in Long Beach in May!

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Why Kanban Works -- Queueing Theory and the Science of WIP Constraints Orthodox product development deals inelegantly with the problem of variability. It creates bloated plans, celebrates repeatability, and hides variability underground in buffers. And lean manufacturing, which suggests we should eliminate as much variability as possible, provides little help. Unfortunately, with innovation comes uncertainty in outcomes, and eliminating all uncer... [read more]

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We are pleased to announce the 2011 Brickell Key Award Nominees. Check them out!

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Written by Janice Linden Reed: WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND LSSC11? If I am not doing lean, why would I be interested in the Lean Software & Systems Conference 2011? The area of lean and kanban for knowledge work is exploding worldwide. Organizations are embracing these new methods to address their unique market situations. It is expanding because it works. It is bringing improvement on a whole-enterprise level. Now is a good time for your organization ... [read more]

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Have you joined the Lean and Kanban community for software and systems development? We are only eight weeks out from the annual Lean Software and Systems Conference 2011 (#LSSC11) in Long Beach, CA on May 3-6, 2011. The excitement and positive buzz from LSSC10 is building once again! Highlights from Twitter: • Sad 2 be missing people at #lssc10 [due to Icelandic volcano] but not going to let it spoil my conf. Still great collection of speakers & ... [read more]

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Carol Dekkers posted In anticipation of #LSSC11

Curious LSSC11 minds want to know: What topic can't you wait to hear about at LSSC11? What speaker(s) do you most want to meet? Who else (aside from the speakers) do you most want to meet? What open space topic do you eagerly anticipate? What else are you excited about seeing/talking/doing at LSSC11? Are you interested in any pre- or post- social activities or outings in Long Beach, CA? I look forward to meeting you at LSSC11, Carol @caroldekkers... [read more]

Janice Linden-Reed: I am most excited about Multi-Sensory Kanban! I love it that we are already evolving lean methods. When a system is open to continuous improvement, really cool innovations can happen. Janice Linden-Reed

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